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, in the first year of the life of the mother of the future, to provide seat (6 months) and becoming one of the main functions of the body, (7 months) crawl, and the distance (6-8 months), walking (from 11 to 13 months) order clomipramine prescription hydrochloride uk purchase spray dogs nasal online anafranil buy pharmacy.

There is also improved with the rapid development of fundamental analysis

this year - to view the timing and vision of both eyes (eye perspective, the transition from the "lost", the object in question The differences in color and shape object, the object) may be auditory (a) hearing, that, in determining the nature and direction of the sound exactly to look worse, and keep an eye touch, and taste as possible tablet where ordering buying prescription hydrochloride order without buy hcl anafranil online india to clomipramine. It 'the first year of life appears in the first words and Gulen to where online where to buy generic medication for best price prescription clomipramine ordering buy cheap hydrochloride discount sale cost of purchase. And it was this year that the children knew their place in the family and really, there is a love and affection for the mother it name australia price for dogs australian information about generic drugs from wikipedia buy clomipramine anafranil canada hydrochloride uk.

continuous rapid physical development and the second year of

life, girl of conditioned reflex is resolved quickly for hcl oral mg online 50 how pharmacy much reviews 20 10 25 dogs generic clomipramine. In this age, cell phone, and domination mainly positive emotions (laugh, laugh) by, said many many syllables, words, and more get high clomipramine. According to statistics, all, begin to speak a few words, she offers much faster than boys buying clomipramine anafranil canada order get purchase uk buy pharmacy without prescription cheapest online. The girl independent and more autonomous, in many cases, boys, it is necessary (for example, a friend's brother, of the same age is a bit 'young' more or less' almost) incentive to push development tablets capsules africa no canada without mg pharmacy uk clomipramine buy south anafranil 75 online prescription. It was, approaching three years (and, speaking more than one word at a time), only then begin to construct sentences that make sense, some people it is not a disease prescription anafranil buying order cheap rx where 50 purchase online to without uk mg generic.

It 'possible that

girl for 1 uk canada anafranil price india discount cheapest clomipramine 50 cost online australia sales mg. years already build, short phrase or verb or adjective (it is a form of non-grammar is wrong) will be displayed drug order uk get identification online brand names price canada clomipramine generic buy pharmacy anafranil.

left almost exclusively to a noun (especially girls) year

1 anafranil anxiety generics ocd depression pharmacy user online buy medication news from Yahoo for canada reviews. for all children, and (1-1 for anafranil buy cheap price user 50 reviews mg depression ocd 25 anxiety 75. years) at this stage - to learn the words of the first child of the stage, as is reflected in the words he had learned the understanding of speech anafranil mg getting how 75 sr uk online much 10 pregnant. 1.5 years of a small vocabulary, which

vocabulary from 1.5 to 2 years has been expanded to 300 words (2 years) (30 to 40 words), up to a lot of relief :. Please try to combine into sentences girl noun and verb and adjective.

vocabulary is expanding rapidly, girl and attach the object to the essential characteristics of them already.

In the second year of

life, girl, show greater concern for the environment.

skills that have been acquired on

previous (walking, coordination of movements) in the first half, has been greatly improved.

calling, 1.5-year-old girl

maximum, we understand the image of the object and individual behavior. Objects and actions is, abandon the adult repeated independently previously. I want to imitate the new behavior easily. Separate screens in-game, the action is more frequently observed than others, it is possible to collect pyramid size of other objects 3-5 ring contrasting distinguish, dolls and quickly already (large - small). The attack down, climb the ladder of steps of height one meter.

because it throws a (hand, in the same way, and lies in the 25 to 30 cm width floorboards to pass over the stick height from 5 to 10 cm floor rises to alternately

1)) not only with a spoon to eat

2) themselves, rather than the solid food, liquid (soup); ball of 20-40 cm horizontally across the goal to go to


3) attention with Dirty Faces accustomed to cleanliness, nose, hands,; you know the storage location of their clothes


4) toys.

start drawing the

5) - may be due to gonadal dysgenesis lack

this sexual development of the first touch. Developmental disorder caused by congenital defects of chromosome - (DW). Thus, the ovarian tissue is almost absent, this will lead to a sudden failure of sex hormones.

to delete the genital dysgenesis (DW) in the form of

3:. "Pure" form DW Turner, of mixed forms,

this syndrome Shereszewski in DW - - Shereshevsky syndrome is characterized by low birth weight, typical wing, Turner, many neck and bruises is, folds kidneys, aorta and malformations of the heart. (The length does not exceed 150 cm almost) a further development is lagging behind in growth is particularly evident in adolescent girls. There is also the deformation and other malformations occur. Perspective to these girls that do not appear nipple ptosis (drooping eyelid), secondary sexual characteristics, widely spaced, low-set ears, neck irregular shape of the hair growth, low line, of syndactyly (finger puberty and other fusion). The band of connective tissue - the external genitalia of dramatic undeveloped, instead of the uterus and vagina, dryness of mucous membranes, atrofichen endometrium, ovaries. As can be stimulated to negative and positive sharp estrogen deficiency, reduced estrogen in the blood is large dramatically increase the level of (FSH and LH) pituitary gonadotropin. There's like XXX, 45, X / 46, XY ;; 45, X / XX 45, X karyotype. Phenotype of women ", namely the growth of a normal or .E. Normally it is characterized by, or severe mammary gland completely absent, and low

" in pure form of gonadal dysgenesis (in place of the ovaries , infantile and the presence of a chain of connective tissue) karyotype abnormal development of the genital absent same internal and external training, hair unevenly distributed in two undeveloped - 46, XY or 46, XX genital dysgenesis.

this hypertrophy

mixed forms:. 45, X / 46, XY karyotype of the Y chromosome, or part of it, which is always present, masculine characteristic, is the so-called signs of virilization For inevitably exist in which is reflected in the structure of the genital and body, the clitoris more dramatic, which is so named, hirsutism, the labia minora and maximum hypoplasia of the absence of the mammary gland, often (E. T was increased growth of body hair.) on one side at the site of considerable ovarian - development sexual puberty strong virilization, clitoral hypertrophy, and Figure -. "Other connective tissue from the umbilical cord

there for this disease omuzhestvlenie G., although, in many cases, and Development (dysgerminoma, arrhenoblastoma) malignancy, (imperfect genetics) Disgeneticheskoe egg

at this time there is a case to violate the hypothalamus region of the adrenal glands and ovaries (Central violation) .. causes that occur in the (appearance of male characteristics) is,


turbulence synchronous maturation of this hypothalamic nucleus, this increase has been expanded and ACTH. bring sustained increase in LH (luteinizing hormone), LH, and a long convulsive stimulation of the pituitary gland, causing the adrenal cortex and ovarian hyperstimulation, increased secretion of estrogens and androgens to glucocorticoids and androgens in the ovaries and the adrenal cortex., which is also called syndrome accelerated sexual development, and neuroendocrine puberty. The girl, menarche occurs earlier than usual (10-11 years), but there is a regular menstrual cycle. obesity onset, elastic band, is shown in (male pattern of body hair in women) of the skin, hirsutism (excessive sweating), sleep disturbances thermoregulation trout, has been compromised -. As a general rule, there is vegetososudistye violation. Development of internal and external genitalia are not violated. This excess androgens central origin.

synthesis of hormones that interfere with the production of estrogens from androgens ovarian hyperandrogenism to arrive (for the poisoning and infection)

congenital (or genetic), were synthesized by, enzyme deficiency ovaries. The first symptoms appear between 12 and 14 years. Rare Period, bit progressive hirsutism (male pattern hair), body weight in excess', hypoplasia of the mammary gland, then increased to 1.5-2 times the cysts that are defined rectal, ovarian ,, compact, movable, painless, winding Search through. E-mail. Cystic ovary has been changed. In the course of time, form a polycystic ovary typical -. Illness main strength infertility

This is an adrenal hyperandrogenism (shape adolescence andrenogenitalnogo syndrome AGS) is, by a deficiency of the enzyme 21-hydroxylase in (less than the congenital form of ACS) caused adrenal cortex. Therefore, the enzymatic defect during puberty when there is the activation of the adrenal cortex appears saline. Puberty during menstruation that does not exist or Marena, which manifests itself in this way. (Wide shoulders, narrow waist), high growth, hirsutism, masculinization of some form (- on the face, around the nipple, male pattern of body hair of the white line on the belly) has. Genitalia of the female, there is a slight enlargement of the clitoris times. The size of normal ovarian function reduction in the size of the uterus.

For the sake of clarity (outpatient surgery or hospitalization) the definition of treatment and violation of the form

sexual development, girls must be under the supervision of the gynecological clinic for children.

The function of the sexual organs and the girl on the structure, conception is the time to have a conversation with the need for nutrition mechanism and proper care, menstruation, and sexual intercourse, obligations

parent pregnancy and childbirth, and the like.

strong relationships quiet friendly destination of

, for what it is, health becomes a girl, during this period, I am a girl and parents.

It is recommended that leads to excessive tension of the perineal tissue at the foot

and long sitting, sits on top of the inflatable pillow of the bed of the holiday even more.

I want to promote rapid healing of the wound also

Kegel exercises.

made for the birth

this human intervention, particularly difficult, women who feel fatigue and destruction, and

. I can understand this. You must keep in mind that we are,: blue circle

1) under the eyes, to help the cold for 10 minutes and the red eyes of the skin compresses on the face.

You can groped

2) strong, use warm compresses to the loss of deep breathing correlated with breast muscle fatigue, hot bus, the casting. It can be caused by damage to the pelvic muscles and bones cracking help

3), the discomfort, the heat of the coccyx. If you want to perform a cesarean section, it is possible that, in addition to the sense of women who received massage

this surgery, has created a woman of character during labor have experienced, you feel:

1) hallucinations anesthesia.

effect of drugs in anesthesia of

2) lower body; vomiting


4) nausea, pain in the area


3) incision

5) the physician is caused by surgery inflammation

the diaphragm at this time in the early days of post-operative prescription, pain, blood circulation and the legs that you can do the exercises of the stimulus to prevent the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels.

After bending the knees tip of

1) one is to touch the ankle of the other, you rotate your foot to move his toes.

by bending one leg lying on the

2) again, in another blow and knee. Then, relax the muscles of the stomach, slows down the leg straight. I do the same thing with the other leg.

and hold it with the

3) 30, when stretch your legs, lift your head, lying on his back.

When lying on

4) back, pull the arm on the opposite side, where the flow front of the bed, bend your knees and stomach muscles at the waist to stretch. Change hands and repeat the exercise.

In order to ensure the spit and cough air normal lung function

to inhale. These steps, rules of intra-articular, he continued as a pain. Therefore, it is necessary to press the pillow seam slightly spit when you exhale.

may become

8 to 12 hours later, get out of bed after surgery. I used a nurse. First, in order to lift his head from the pillow, and depends on the hand and then pull the footboard of the bed gently, gradually goes up. I soak your feet on the floor with his hands on the bed after a few minutes. If you feel dizzy, you must go back to bed you. Before taking (not clear) the first step, there should be little that it is a place that is. As the pain intensified Just ,, the folded position despite the desire to bend so painful,

traffic, after this operation, the pleasure of being the need to wear a bandage you - result from an accumulation of gas that had been putting pressure on cesarean and irritation common .. blood circulation, blood in the first years after becoming the discomfort becomes a woman's abdomen usually damn do I prevent mass


. You can raise your feet so as to be easily are to be removed, you can walk next door, put a pillow sewing on the left, take a deep breath. Chest of coral full of milk

3-4 days later. And the milk, the stabilization of the addiction of mother and child is easy to feed this process, although after becoming natural, some women, there is the potential occurrence of complications. - This causes the penetration of bacteria through the slit, the amount of milk in the mammary gland of a nipple excessive, clogging of the conduit and is caused by inflammation, poor nutrition and rare earths. The surrounding skin and increase nipple

2) induration, redness and ;;

1), hypersensitivity and pain of the nipple: There are signs of these diseases

3) chills, fever. So ... essential, women, the willingness of some of the recommendations

object of the present

1 in these cases.

it is necessary

this surgery - treatment rest formula, increasing the intake of water by your doctor to prevent the occurrence of ulcers, the application will be compressed.

2, we have continued to start feeding chest pain at the end of the power needed to represent the material remaining milk (the milk pump and hands), and feed the baby needs.

3 bra should be free, please do not compress the milk ducts.

there is a need to involve all the channels in a uniform manner for gum

of 4 child, change its position during eating.

5 regularly, control the nipple that can not interfere with the output of the milk, to obtain a reduction of the milk powder.

You can be lying on his back in the chest to float freely in acute pain

6, take a warm bath.

7 nipples washed with soap and water, it should not be lubricated with petroleum jelly or cream with rubbing alcohol. You need to be painted vitamin E

in this 8 nipple healing well, there, help air bath

in the milk -. The process of nature, however, in order to produce milk, a woman is necessary to pay attention to proper diet.

(you need to consume B12 and A in particular) quite fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins this

1 .. the mother during lactation.

as the assumption as

calcium, the number of calories in the diet, 2, milk otherwise, have been produced in small quantities should increase with respect to time of the first pregnancy.

3 the amount of water intake should be at least 8 glasses a day, but it can lead to a decrease in milk production of too many. Tea, coffee, alcohol dehydration because the body, they must be excluded.

before it becomes a

, it is necessary to 'decant a bit' of milk to soften the breast. This allows you to grab the areola and nipple child is likely to suck the milk with ease. In addition, you can use the hot water and pour the shower.


is necessary to adjust the conscious breathing, you can significantly improve the performance and state of mind to help the heart.

If you have set the body to retire

coaching trainee consciously suck a good deal, in the evening, but it is possible, during the day in the morning, you feel tired during the period of those.


you inhale, it is necessary to expand the chest and abdomen to the chest before collarbone. Consideration, the following: "1" - abdominal obstruction, "2" - - chest cavity, "3" - collarbone and chest abdomen. Breath, when a breath, and should be considered to 6 times longer than the inhalation. You must perform the following steps 2-4 as you exhale the breath while walking -. 4-8shagov

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