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Shown in

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consequences of this violation of the hormonal function of

a rare case of

ectopic pregnancy (increased secretion of urine) increased thirst, polyuria, itching of the skin, increased appetite, weight changes ovary with massive bleeding There cracks but in the control, in function of the ovaries structure, it may not be long, however, such ovary development pregnancy include injection.

clinical signs of

ectopic pregnancy

signs of this rupture the fallopian tube attack of acute abdominal pain radiation to the shoulder blade of a sudden I will start. The patient is covered with a cold clammy sweat, pain stronger quite possible that you become knowledge. In tests, the patient says women doctors is pale skin, the pulse is weak in this case, but rapid pressure drop. It is used in the cell than the normal state, the study of the internal genitalia a slight increase in the uterus, the term "floating uterus".

signs of

tubal abortion

In this case, there is a sharp attack abdomen, groin, pain spotting there. As exciting character very sharp pain, loss of consciousness, not uncommon. Before the start of the investigation after the complaint was pregnant, the study of the internal genitalia, the formation of painful palpation on a clear swelling in the area of ​​one of the uterus.


This suggests the presence of an ectopic pregnancy. Abdomen, groin, and spotting a suspicious pain or just bleeding - the main complaint. But .., not to an error in the diagnosis of, it eliminates the pathological state of a species with the clinic, as the same as a general rule, like, pay attention to the history of pelvic organ infections and risk factors, genital need to be there: twisted ovarian cyst


1) acute appendicitis results in a sharp pain on the right side. However, decrease amenorrhea, transient of consciousness, there was no anemia in this case. Blood tests usually indicates the presence of inflammation;


2) interrupts the normal intrauterine pregnancy. Other than the interrupt intrauterine pregnancy of ectopic localization: In the first case, is stronger than the pain and profuse bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy, the pain is mainly characterized.

In the case of nature, which is an important role in the discharge plays

differential function: intrauterine pregnancy discharge liquid, the interruption of the color of the bright scarlet. When you interrupt the discharge of an ectopic pregnancy, it seems to be explained by the fact that they interact with the organization of blood is dead (like coffee) and brown bread crumbs.

There are certain methods for the diagnosis of

ectopic pregnancy.

I can

standard analysis urine pregnancy is negative in half of the cases of ectopic pregnancy. Often wrongly assuming threatened abortion, should be noted in stopping an ectopic pregnancy based on the presence of pain or bleeding.

is defined in the fertilized egg. On the inside of the uterus after the last menstrual period, which allows you to have an ectopic pregnancy after 7 closing using ultrasound

pelvis, if any,

uterus be detected in a pregnancy at an early stage by means of ultrasound may be greatly expanded, the identification of the uterus and ovaries diagnostic character

amounts However week.

I want to detect in the abdominal cavity which takes place in

punk rectouterine recess (kuldotsentez is). The presence of free blood , Loss bleeding deliberately short, you can spend this punk in the presentation of complaints about the sharp pain in the abdomen.

It is sucking

to obtain this result. Normally, the contents of the syringe - a few milliliters of a yellowish liquid. If the abdominal cavity of blood, blood will include a dark point-shaped. Observed in the presence of a clot that prevents liquid gate is desired - it may be that there is no content in the syringe. This case can not be ruled out. The presence of an ectopic pregnancy

diagnosis is placed, you will not be able to be able to give, the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and make laparoscope. Of course, make laparoscopy - complications of the disease that has not been diagnosed serious risk is much more serious, this risk is justified. Other diseases of the digestive tract transcription peritonitis, and flatulence, contraindications of laparoscopy is a disease of the cardiovascular system and the severe neurotic disorder, do not forget to tip.

endometrial studies (microscopy)

histology. Uterine curettage, when it was determined decidua tissue-free results chorionic villi to determine whether it is a direct sign of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage bleeding doctor suspected.

The following methods for the detection of

ectopic pregnancy, the pelvis rheography.

treatment of

ectopic pregnancy

The Masu this surgical treatment.

as> a general rule, I can be divided in the surgical treatment of all in the field of a conservative. Treatment of an ectopic pregnancy is no exception. Both methods have been used successfully. But, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Midwives many domestic prefer surgery. In the West, I will work that good treatment leads to the use of synthetic hormone drugs for the treatment of ectopic tubal pregnancy showed present.

the most successful

, but it is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy. Recently, it has been used in Russia, but it has established itself as the best way. This extended method of the treatment is as follows.

1) operation; attention


3) many, prevention of the struggle against the loss


2) bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, blood body of the woman does not seem to recover from stress reaction and shock in an ectopic pregnancy yet paid postoperative, he indicates that the conditions is most comfortable for the patient, an important stress-rest and absolute does not have to be. The reproductive function of the organism of the woman Masu) back to pick up (



it works

all implemented method or laparotomy and laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy and possible. Both techniques have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of it. The benefits of laparoscopic surgery are as follows.

the duration of this

1) malfunctions;

down 2) at this

postoperative period, finished

3) hospital scars minimal therefore in terms of cosmetics,

this technology this normal lake preferred use overall reduction was


4) abdominal wall removal of the ovaries, I have used previously. If the uterine appendages are unchanged on the other site, it was considered the operation to be justified. Today, advances in medicine in the XXI As a technique of in vitro fertilization. Doctors, try as much as possible to restore fertility genital.

1 - The I. n. "In China sit" you, feet together, a little, knees were separated on its side hand on the top of the knee. Support than the hand (2 minutes) gently, drops a knee on the ground.

. I n the second - to use his hands behind his back, "Agra" use down. Lift your pelvis up, forward, to the knee lowered to the ground. In the rest position of the (3-6 times), while the left leg from the knee straight, lift the upper pelvis, and on the side.

3 - The I. n. Using hands behind her back, legs straight up Agogawazuka. Use on the ground, Breathe out - breath, bend your knees -

this one

Kneeling back to (8-10) in its original position. - The I. n. The brace on his knee. The bending of the elbow, shift your weight in your hand. Without (to run 5-6 times) basin fall to the ground while the back straight, and head to the side. If you experience, not exercise.

2 - The I. n. Kneeling. The bending of the spine, and if the preparation of (6-10 times).

3 - The I. n. Focus on his knees. To return to the starting position - in 4, take the left foot on the side - to draw in the third position with a view to the left foot - at the knee 2 back straight left leg - 01:00. (3-6 times with both feet) movement of all of the right foot, I repeat.

practice are


1 - The I. n. Legs bent at the knees, lying on his right side, right hand supporting the head. 6-10 times rotational movement and do the clock first the left leg in the knee, then left right, and back to the starting position. Then, lying on his left side, and enter the movement, such as the right foot.

2 - The I. n. Legs separated bending the knee, I lie down on your back with your heel on the chair. And left him on the floor, knees bent, pointing the right foot to the right, it does not touch the ground.

Then back to the starting position in the 36 weeks after pregnancy, repeat the movement, birth Lower the left foot (6-8 times for both feet) until they are delivered are displayed in sweat.

The withdrawal through the pores of the skin of the excess water, which is a body of

exercise has accumulated during pregnancy.


has problems after restoring the balance of hormones gone (about 2 weeks). To alleviate the state should have a towel under your head, but if it is accompanied by sweating, increasing temperature, should take appropriate measures

We will not be able to reduce the signs of postpartum period following possible ignore complications. You.

lack of relief unleash the rich smell and odor of

1) stools monthly discharge, during the first two weeks after birth, swelling of the abdomen

and the

2) pain;


3) pain in the lungs as a result of a blood clot in the blood flow to the lungs takes place. The thigh and calf pain can also result in the formation of the venous thrombosis. Resulting in redness and swelling, pain when I bend the knee and fever. These symptoms, if you need to immediately see a doctor.

hemorrhoids cure breast cancer

This, accompanied by fever, but also treat molokovyvodyaschih clogged channel when women need during lactation and compression of the


Note the wet and redness of the weld remaining in the

Caesarean section after his well-known to all women

trouble with this stool, -. The voltage of the fracture open seams, appears to occur. This cable is there a possibility that the intestine is damaged 2) at birth.


this, as they were stretched during childbirth greatly weakened muscles 1) abdominal prone to inflammation. However, it is equal to the weakening of peristalsis there are objective reasons.

and normal bowel function only

stress, the return of the evacuation of the natural so painful to solve the problem of these women first calm down. This facilitates the empty drink to compensate for the lack of body fluids lost during delivery postpartum. Many (water, juice, compote) liquid (fruit, vegetables, grains) and diet, Well to stimulate, to the gut of a walk but if you are prescribed rest, the doctor, it is possible to perform. An Kegel exercise It is the muscles of the perineum and anus lead.


hemorrhoids have been formed, it is possible to cold compress is hot state, a local anesthetic, reducing a rectal suppository.

to the stool, while no stress of

must be exaggerated. Pain with bowel movements will gradually disappear.

You do not have to comply with the rules of the post-natal care is that, regardless of whether there is an infection, it does not matter how women

and whether they experience feelings of postpartum. You.

1), every four hours above. I will change the path. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that they do not move. Forwards or backwards And remove the gasket should be from front to back. Thus, the ability to keep track of the rectum into the vagina is too high the bacteria.

after the second) you need to wash with cold or warm water, it cross processed antiseptic solution, wipe from front to back with a paper towel or dry gauze carefully each visit

the toilet. Moreover, one should not touch the crotch of his hand stitch so it does not heal so long. I spend a hot and cold compress on the perineum - the doctor


3) appointment. In severe pain, local anesthesia is carried out using a cream or spray.

selective medicine

The current will affect the particular target that complete loss or reduction of endometrial causes.


, suppression of the body of a crash, neuroendocrine system as a whole unbalanced system subtle complexity of the regulations of the body. This is in order to change between systems emotional, the relationship nerves, endocrine, exchange, body there is a psychological disorder, emotional. Therefore, the wording should be preceded by the needs of psychotherapy receiving sedative. The choice of the drug is associated depending on the pathology. Excluding hyperplastic mammary glands estrogensoderzhaschie drugs, for example in the treatment, has agreed to the breast. Through the radon bath with calming effects, absorption, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, for the extended treatment of endometriosis and normalize the endocrine system. And the improvement of the circulation of the pelvic organ using the pulsed magnetic therapy. Appoints himopsin, electrophoresis Lydasum, chymotrypsin by the purpose of the re-absorption of scarring and damage of endometriosis. I use the (K B vitamins, vitamin A, C) and vitamins.

In the treatment after the application of surgical treatment to rehabilitation for the benefit of rapid recovery of women in the prevention of complications and other scars

after surgery, preventing endometriosis reeducation. You use hormone therapy and pain, I want to save the incomplete removal of the lesion of hyperplasia. Electrophoresis magnetic therapy vaginal washing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pulsed, and zinc and iodine, physical therapy: surgery, we were using the physical therapy widely. The results of the treatment, the age of the patient's degree reproductive disorders, neuroendocrine background soputstvuyuscheypatologii.

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