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drawing is characterized by

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the weight of all of the above 4000 g, and 5000 g or more, which is considered

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The power of

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this hydrocephalus this

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You can time to massage a little in order to give access to the child and

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The first of

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The milk is inadequate intake of milk in the body

of this infant, there is a transition artificial nutrition " brings the target advance nutrition online to uk amoxil buying canada where antibiotic with no without generic order ordering cheap prescription buy. is that psychological problems of mothers caused by, to distinguish the signs of the real lack of milk from psevdonedostatka her no online amoxil rx how cost cheap does discount without buy usa prescription purchase much. harmonics of the psychological state of the important differences between women , it is an integral part of exclusive breastfeeding compare sale amoxil philippines cost canada 250 online greece for of 500mg price. role buy ukraine online canada amoxicillin drug price brand order uk australia amoxil generic of.

aggressive recipe

egg shampoo is inexpensive very simple to helping women who have a pediatrician, and the results of all was justified expectations capsules names amoxicillin online what for generic buy amoxil it is 250mg price india 500mg. it also buy dosage amoxil generic pharmacy 125 250 price 500mg reviews amoxicillin 875 250mg. containing that sebum dirt substance that is completely dissolved, with the formation of the emulsion, shampoo of egg,

eggs this

through shampoo of egg


Wanted yolk component, leaving the shine of your hair, cleaning is easy with water cost capsules 400 mg 250 suspension ml amoxil how does dosis 5 much 500. 2 eggs, tablespoon 1 much get is how amoxil. L. olive oil, tablespoon 3. L ... eggs of chicken water


preparation is released from the skin, olive oil whisk until foamy and beat with a fork - the hair and dry fat and type of normal hair. Add the egg type water. are mixed in order to get the dough. lumps obtained.

Applications seconds uniform consistency, components of the mixture, hair gently for 3-5 minutes to strengthen the structure of the hair wash hair with shampoo of egg. Thanks to rinse with water. hair to be applied to wet or a massage, shiny, hair becomes soft, you can get a food hair follicles delicious . -.

requires rye bread bread

Shampoo rye

outdated this 1-2, 1 cup water, and (Oily Hair) camphor oil and (hair dry) 1 hour liter, olive oil -.... is a tablespoon 1. l pan

prepare, and cook for 60 minutes and pour a glass of water then mixed with olive oil or camphor, and 1 (depending on the type of hair of) each other mixed.

like this

applications in seconds., shampoo hair that is prepared soaked in water, gently enough. blend components after the bread crumbs soaked time 1 cup of water (1 hour may be used water is added mustard powder, tap water. Instead of washing with her rinsed with water and 5-7 minutes massage. head scalp with fingers In addition. mustard powder .L is running) and the yogurt. sour milk

shampoo hard bread.

Shampoo spring


Wanted: add water 100ml


ready .. egg, cup, 1-2 eggs, the white birch juice 100ml I beat on. Broke the eggs with a whisk or fork to rich lather. I add water and birch juice with foam egg. I mix the components of the mixture.

applications in seconds. Split hair evenly resulting mixture was applied to the left there 20 minutes it. I rinse the hair thoroughly.


, means that it can be used to clean the hair, shampoo any of the cleaning head.

For rinsing procedure of

washing should follow. If there is no time for a special means to cook rinse your hair, in the simplest case, you can be performed using this procedure to ordinary water. Softens the tap water, hard water flow, and add the vinegar. 1 tablespoon: vinegar, obtained from the calculation. I include 1 liter of water L. vinegar. Hair washing facility gets to rinse after the can as an infusion of medicinal plants and brewing such are prepared by hand at home instead of water. Plant is in need of regular use of the drug is pine (2-3 months at least) a long time for the effects of positive use potions like this. In some cases, (we, preservatives have not a canned beer or Chubin of mind is included, but was prepared according to the recipe of the beer life, popular) hair rinse is enough beer. (. Liter juice to be taken one hour 1 liter of water. Limon) and water rinse hair, add the lemon juice.

After rinsing the hair that


development of

immunodeficiency late, I was wavy. (Up to stem cells), the body of lymphocytes in the blood, and the accumulation of the virus in the population in front of the whole, depletion of lymphoid tissue to increase the participation of all components of the immunodeficiency, but it will affect There .


of the helper T cells, the majority of cells affected, the concentration in the blood is reduced gradually. T- suppressor has not been exposed to the virus helper cells T-. The change in general, the concentration in the blood, does not increase in the case of a few more. Is a rate of change of T helper and suppressor T- blood as a result of these changes. The normal ratio of CD4 - (helper T cells), CD8 - is (T- suppressor), to treat HIV infection, it is 1.9 to 2.4 and greater, experiments power is reduced to 0.5, 0.2 Common symptoms of HIV infection in the chamber, we have studied the patient.

well as helper T cells, the target of the attack of the virus

I synthesize, the antibodies of the virus

uninfected cells does not affect the virus. This is due to several factors. Virus is included and is characterized in that the antibody, the action is not available, the cell, the lymphocyte. Also, daughter populations are virus virion formation in the organism when mutates very, having antigenic properties very different features compared with parents.

It is an increase in the titer of anti-viral antibody concentration of a particular class of all to increase circulation and complex immune globulin at the same time

caused the pathogens under immune status or normal flora normal longer immune system, pathogenicity not only different conditionally,

this immunodeficiency, pathogenic bacteria or viruses , it is possible to withstand microorganisms, where, it is not developed, why it is called opportunistic infections.

While there is spinal cord and brain Nagoya affected of immunodeficiency and neurological disease in cells of cell death in the nervous system virion this

case, there is a change in structure. Therefore, not only the current, human immunodeficiency virus, is considered neurotropic and lymphotropic virus.

In the clinical course of symptoms

HIV infection

of the HIV infection is characterized by the scenario. Classification of the stage of HIV infection, has proposed an Academy VI Pokrovsky in 1989. In the past 10 years, I have developed a little bit, but still

was Mashi this phase very relevant -. Until the level of specific antibodies against the virus and the onset of clinical symptoms of the disease from infection - incubation step. The duration of this phase, that it takes years sometimes, is 3 weeks to 3 months. Blood of active viral replication, clinical symptoms of HIV infection is not available at this stage during this period. Epidemiological data and diagnosis can be provided based on the nucleic acid or antigen and detection of serum immunodeficiency virus in this step. Therefore, since it is detected in the blood stage of seronegative window using modern methods, time-consuming, this method requires equipment, widespread human immunodeficiency virus, Modern medicine

are not used in this phase, II. - Setting of the main symptoms of HIV infection. At this stage of HIV infection, it might be a different character. This phase, acute HIV infection without acute HIV infection and secondary disease and secondary disease insulation-type non-symptomatic.

at the stage of clinical symptoms

This primary HIV infection, is an active viral replication but, in response to the introduction of the pathogen in the form of antibody production, the function of this stage, the development of the primary body there. This step may be a clinical variety of forms.

asymptomatic (Phase 2a). About 3-4 years - the duration of this phase is different every few months 5-6 years in homosexual men. The clinical forms receives the name of the virus. At this stage, by the detection of virus in the blood of either, or diagnosis is, for detection of antibodies by serological tests. It does Mase development or clinical opportunistic disease in HIV-infected patients at this stage.

You can

acute HIV infection manifested no (Phase 2B) secondary disease. In many cases, (hives, hill, petechiae), swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, spleen this, perhaps, the development of diarrhea membrane mucosa fever, and rash very diversity of clinical symptoms. Blood can be detected or lymphocytes shirokoplazmennyh nucleus cells.

acute clinical disease is observed in 50-90% patients were infected with the first three months after infection. The acute infection, usually, it appears in the blood that was started for HIV antibody.

acute HIV infection by (step 2 V)

secondary conditions. In 10-15% of cases, acute HIV infection patients, T helper immunodeficiency does not develop, the blood concentration of secondary disease of different etiology was reduced. Herpes Diya III cents disease bacterial pneumonia sore throat, pneumonia, candidiasis, or HIV infection

This latent stage. Slow the progression of immunodeficiency compensated by modulating the immune response, and is characterized by excessive formation of helper T cells. In blood, at this stage, you can, please make sure the antibody against HIV.


HIV infection, you may want to develop a general limfaadenopatii this stage. It, I can be seen in almost 90% of patients. Is usually the lymph nodes of the upper half of the body in the disease process in this case: the occipital cervical clavicle, supraclavicular, axillary, ulnar, less other. Groin, thigh and I had an impact on the popliteal lymph nodes less frequently. We investigated the clinical evidence of HIV infection that is more than three months if Limfaadenopatiyu you hit a group of lymph nodes or more Tsu on the lesion length and belt. Bacteria, fungi, tumors, parasites: This refers to the differential diagnosis of the pathology limfaadenopatiey other. Typically, the HIV infection process includes multiple lymph nodes in a group of two or more. In many cases, the size of the lymph node metastasis of up to 0.5 to 4 centimeters, you can see visually. They, soft and dense, there is no pain, there is a flexibility and elasticity. There is a tendency to sometimes confusing, then, it is to painful. Skin has not changed about them. You can last as clinical signs only of HIV. Year period Limfaadenopatiya

This step may be varied by more than 20 years from 2.3 (in the presence of anti-retroviral therapy today). Average time of incubation period is about 6-7 years. During this period, there is a gradual decrease in the concentration of helper T cells in the blood 0.05-0.07 W 109 years

in this phase IV -. The extent of secondary disease. Is further reduced and the progression of HIV infection, the concentration in the blood of T- helper cells, the immune status of the waterfall, there is a secondary оппортунистическиезаболевания.

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