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Blood pressure often increases during pregnancy high off does can pregnant how amitriptyline on you many getting. When this happens, the woman after delivery has been for some time by a doctor, is to keep blood pressure under control and prevention begin :. Weight control, restriction in diet and physical activity rational

In addition, in-depth investigation of coronary heart disease in women cardiologists have others come to the conclusion that some women more likely to develop because of the peculiarities of his character of coronary heart disease. What are these characteristics? These functions are similar to the men's decision and force, fear not, it's time to do something or not. These women are constantly under stress can even hostile toward others, suffer from low self-esteem (inferiority complex to a more or less) always tries to reach all the summits inaccessible - in a career or in a family. Women with a character so often disturbed fat metabolism and showed increased norepinephrine - the hormone of "struggle", high concentrations of ACTH (pituitary hormone that stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and noradrenaline). In addition, the body of women with increased nerve excitability Talk About sugar and produces too much insulin, which often have hypoglycaemia (low sugar levels in the blood), and this leads to weakness, irritability even more nervous. This situation may change in life only their behavior and attitude. These women are good to read the work of Louise Hay, Sinelnikova, Zeeland and similar authors. You should try to adjust their attention to the art of nature and a change of view of a landscape (or) its activities, give some sort of physical activity. We must remember that life is varied, the person's personality and multifaceted, and it is not necessary to press in the narrow confines of a professional, one of your "paper" and identify with it. Come on, open your soul world, take a deep breath. Look around you - life is beautiful and amazing, and I still have not learned a lot and never experienced

On the recommendation of the World Health Organization is considered viable fetus with over 500 g of pregnancy weight for 22 weeks ..

If the birth occurs 37 to 42 weeks of gestation, then they are called in time, with gestational age less than 37 weeks - and premature pregnancy over 42 weeks -. Too late

. Heralds of birth

Some of the clinical signs appear at the end of pregnancy and combined

talking about the upcoming start of the work in its precursor, including:

2) anterior protrusion of the navel;

3) Change the focus of getting pregnant. Both the above function of the position of the fetus in utero and therefore associates a change in focus. For 2-2.5 weeks before birth begins to go pregnant, lower your head and shoulders back,

4) reduction of motor activity of the fetus. With the descent of the fetus limited to low space in the uterus, which affects the extent and intensity of their movements;

5) The appearance of the sacrum and lower abdominal traction or even irregular cramping sensations. This boils down to the stimulation of the pelvic plexus of the fetal head;

6) Strengthen Braxton - Hicks observed for 2 weeks before birth. Heralds of unpleasant start Scrum become painful menstrual cramps and remember. These changes contribute to the maturation of the cervix;

7) for a few days before delivery, changes in autonomic and central nervous system, manifested by an increase in excitability, or vice versa, observed apathy,

8) hormonal background affects the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to increased intestinal motility and nausea onset of diarrhea,

9) can also cause for 5-7 days before delivery, cap mucus, published the inner hole covered, thick mucus that manifests in the genital tract.

10) cervical ripening, often can be done by detecting, which is a normal physiological process and must be accompanied with jagged edges uterine pain. It is due to morphological changes of collagen and elastin of the connective tissue softening, increase hydrophilicity. First, the region external os soft ultimately be -. Part shortened internal vaginal

When something threatens the health of the second fetus at birth vaginally (large fruit breech or transverse position, uterine cervical spasms), producing a C-section.

There is a possibility that the production of obstetrical to extract the second fetus operations, if they are in the pelvic cavity, and the weakness of the labor force. . Apply forceps extraction or production of fruit by the end of the pool


The issue of caesarean section, multiple pregnancy and childbirth occur: persistent weakness in the labor market, and the loss of small parts cable tie with skull, symptoms of acute hypoxia a fruit, etc. ..

If a pregnancy of three fruits and is the most preferred cesarean . Fusion was performed caesarean twins, and. With a significant, if the viability questionable, or if the complications of cesarean mother do to be dangerous should be performed vaginally prematurity.

consecutive term requires special attention. At the end of the second stage of labor metilergometrin injected intravenously (1 ml) and after delivery - (. 400 Ml for two hours), oxytocin (5 U) solution or 5% glucose. It is necessary to control the condition of the lost mother and the amount of blood.


occurred in the absence of signs of placental separation to reduce disposal and uterine massage in a fist, the introduction of active uterus.

Postpartum proceeds in the same way as after the birth of a fetus, but the incidence of complications in women with multiple pregnancies over: more common in postpartum hemorrhage after, subinvoljutcija, endometritis. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully control postpartum uterine reducing reducing agents immediately name.

For the muscle layers of the intestinal wall is declining steadily, and move nutrients through the intestines.

in the mucosa of the small intestine is a large number of digestive glands. During the day, the production of about 2 liters of intestinal juice. Their separation is not all the time, and when the food compositions intestine. Under the influence of intestinal digestive juices are particularly low. In intestinal juices are enzymes that cleave completely all the nutrients to a state in which they were received into the bloodstream. The absorption of nutrients from the intestinal villi is the mucosa particular blood, blood and lymph vessels are located.

happen gradually

The remains of food masses in the colon. There are several parts: the rising upwards and is in the right part of the stomach, which is arranged transversely extends through the lower abdomen, below a little way down the left half of the abdomen, Sigma and just below the belly . The first portion of the ascending colon is called the cecum. It differs from blind appendix. The colon is also composed of three layers. All wall parts of the colon absorbs liquid water; as a result of food waste as it is dried, dehydrated, formed stools. Depending on the composition of the food, the size and composition can be different. Vegetarian dishes are a far greater number of chairs as meat. Stool in the colon 12 hours due to the movement of the intestinal wall, which are slowly into the rectum and into the surrounding atmosphere. Coinciding with food in stomach bacteria are killed by the action of gastric juice hydrochloric acid. Therefore, there are some on the stomach. In the small intestine also slightly different microbes. However, in the large intestine a large amount of microorganisms. They are very different in nature. Some bacteria of the colon are for digestion. They participate in the cleavage of various sugars and proteins are not acting digestive juices. From the above it shows the difficulty of the work of the digestive system and how the various functions of the various organs of the digestive tract.

Autogenic training was in the second half of the twentieth century, popular activity. But now this psychological process has lost its former importance.

Autogenous training system is closely related to a method like hypnosis. You can also say the autogenic training - a kind of "self-hypnosis" or, in scientific terms, autosuggestiya (hypnosis), but shallower and controlled by the individual. Durante. Proposal on the outside, which is a type of hypnosis, the human condition, submit a proposal, controlled from the outside as a result of autogenous training, hypnosis unlike a major advantage to have reliable information. And anyway, the mechanisms of hypnosis and autogenic training are very similar. Overall I must say that without the knowledge of the theory of autogenous training and use it to learn hypnosis skills will always be almost impossible. Often people do not understand the benefits of anger management, and distributed among them the question: "What if it works at all?" The effectiveness of this method is rather in faith, through which it is possible proposals process. It all depends on the conviction of a person using this method. It's safe to say that the method gives results, but not once, not once. The development of a method for controlling anger, and ultimately use in their favor - a long process, but very interesting. First Autogenic training was developed and is described by a German scientist, neurologist J. Schultz in 1932, it relied on the known principles of yoga, but to the citizens of Europe adapted a little. This method has become very popular not only "flash" of interest in it was only 50 to 60 twentieth century. The effectiveness of the method is shown by the jump in which a person experiences a great strain on the tendon legs. Under normal conditions, the instinct of self-preservation not overload the tendon is allowed while jumping to avoid injury, and even more, not just "does not permit overloading," and leaves a rather large "safety margin" - that restricts involuntarily thrust and rejection in a jump. About the same effect in other sports loads occurs: the physical body can not use it in full force. For a normal existence, is not acceptable, "close to collapse" and the same "safety margin" of body reserves for emergencies, work will occur at the level of instincts. But it is proved that the method allows the use of autologous and this "book" and the other at a certain time of the hidden reserves of the body. He does that to some extent, as if napping, some functions of the body and allows it to work in full - about, and also about the permissive load. Importantly, the good approximation to the signal "edge" current is usually a pain; and working with autogenous training method may even eliminate pain. A person with a good knowledge of the skills of self-hypnosis can benefit from an amount that can not afford the average person. But then the question arises, what are the consequences of such a body function? Of course, if constantly through meditation exercise "on the edge of the tensile strength" - the body will gradually increase its reserves. Thus, the "limit" is gradually move toward the side and more opportunities. But we must remember that it is the dangerous autogenous training, abuse increase the physical capacity of the organism. Such effects may take a form of affect health. Auditory training, only invented the contrary, to achieve the opposite effect - improving the mental and physiological state. The intervention of the head in the work of his own unconscious and own physiology is always with certain consequences, so you should first think, bring about the process and the results of meditation only positive effects. On the situation with "safety margins of the body" fully understood, the following analogy may be: One can imagine that somewhere there is a grocery store emergency reserves. These resources can not be used, but in some extreme situation requires the determination of this camp. There is nothing left to take these actions, but in any case we must not forget to upgrade later. The result is that these "resources" are untouchable, but have not been exhausted. But it is a very different result would be if suddenly all bearings are used filler content and will no longer be possible. In following a similar situation, since again have to use these have nothing to hope for help reserves, because everything is already davnorastracheno.

25 May, 2016