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Hair Care

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This is a real danger of injury

periodically changing

uterus, exposing themselves to people who use drugs in the sharing of needles and syringes for injection into a vein there dosage 500 caplet how 1000 aleve gels 220 many in mg liquid 250 200.

to the internal organs and the blood directly, an average of 2 take naproxen much aleve 500 information does how of can is cost 220 mg. months after infection with syphilis immediately clear, after it was rash on the skin and mucous membranes, and therefore the transfer of pathogens transmission line

placenta way - take overdose can sodium naproxen it will safe you day in much is aleve too how kill much. This can happen inflammation of the fetus in the uterus during pregnancy, syphilis, women's development, congenital syphilis kill addicted safely aleve one you can at off getting much how high take time pregnant get. So through the placenta pale blood of the internal organs of the fetus. Not observe the formation of ulcers, and other signs of the initial period of congenital infection. After the formation of the placenta is complete, usually an infection of the placenta to establish alternative mechanism next section


This syphilis infection is 16 weeks or more before pregnancy : a wavy path, latency periods volatility

symptoms of syphilis and specific symptoms and (compatibility) classic. Progressive - another advantage of the course of syphilis -. Using generation, is a period of

evolution of syphilis of the clinical and pathological picture in the direction of the negative symptoms are always 4 - kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education

I will continue to tumor and incubation period of primary syphilis (up to an average of 30 to 32 days) from the time of infection

. Perhaps, compared to the average for a given period of time shorter than the extension of the incubation period. He described reduced to 9 days of incubation, an extension of six months.


Intake and monocytes - treponemy entrance gate to meet the macrophage cells, some area of ​​operation is not only the recognition of a foreign agent connective tissues, cells and T lymphocytes in syphilis syphilis in the transfer of information and secrete a substance that slows down the process of recognition. treponemy similar to the installation of diabetes and human lymphocytes and the structure of the cell wall of diabetes: Violation of reasons. Syphilis immediately, to avoid the reaction of macrophages and then penetrate the lymphatic capillaries and blood nodes and after the introduction of the organism. But, in many cases, and syphilis can not die, is phagocytosis, and is not intended to be used in defense of the body.

The first phase of

syphilis, and to promote the spread of pathogens and growth of the whole body, is characterized by a partial inhibition of cell-mediated immunity.

and after 2-4 hours after infection, the nurse will begin to move upward, the lymphatic system, which was introduced in the lymph nodes is

. Syphilis infection began to spread on the blood and neural pathways, and the infection becomes generalized for the first day. That the bacteria from this point, which is located in the blood, and the nervous system and internal organs, to create the space, and the destruction of all the non-cyanotic in diseased tissue

humoral immunity During this period, I can not, exist the introduction of the pathogen is still not the answer morphology. , Entrance gate, lymphoid and thrive in the areas of internal organs during the incubation period of the disease. It will also be contagious during this period, at the end of incubation, the patient, to a strong increase in the number of Treponema pallidum in the body.

starts from the date of the occurrence of the principal, which changes the appearance,

this initial period, to terminate the eruption that had been spread to the skin and mucous membranes. The mean duration of primary syphilis is 6-8 weeks, but fell to 4-5 weeks, there is an increase of 9-12 weeks.

lymphoma affecting the seal and the increase after the onset of

a few days of base, was observed by his side. Almost constant symptoms of primary syphilis - the local lymph nodes. Finally, at the end of the first period of about 7 to 10, and there are groups seal and increase the lymph nodes far from the entrance gate of the infection.

-Intensive products in the first period of syphilis

happens antibodies antitreponemnyh. Increase this number to the blood stream, in the first place. And touch immobilized polysaccharide of lipids in the blood and destroy pathogens and circulating antibodies directed to the nature of the protein, and membranatakuyuschie pale form immune complexes. At the end of nuclear power plant - the beginning of the second phase, there are some patients prodromal period.

increase the level of antibodies in the tissues progressively complex set of symptoms caused by poisoning of the emitter materials following the mass mortality of pale blood. The amount of antibodies, tissue death pale enough to verify that the response of local inflammatory rash appears as a common clinical skin and mucous membranes when it happens. Since that time, syphilis enters the second phase.

It starts from the moment of the beginning of a generalized rash (on average 2.5 months after the injury)

the second period, two to four years, in most cases, and continued to do so. You determine the duration of the second period of the characteristics of the patient's immune system.

ACE inhibitors are the most commonly used arterial hypertension renoparenhimatoznyh

At this time, it is a blocker and a diuretic.

ACE inhibitors - the first drug of choice in this condition. This reduces the degree of narrowing of the renal vessels, and improve renal hemodynamics, and not only of a drop in blood pressure, improve blood flow in the glomeruli in the kidneys, resulting not only in a decrease in the degree of proteinuria you.

is contraindicated diuretics potassium. In many cases, the delay and potassium excretion from the body, and there hyperkalemia worst diuretics for the treatment of potassium, but the disease, which causes hypertension renoparenhimatoznye, and change with the degree of renal failure. The graph illustrates the use of loop and thiazide diuretics.

may be blocking β

A, to reduce the rate of glomerular filtration. Furthermore, a result of violation of excretion through the kidneys and the possibility of accumulation of these elements in the text. It should be applied very carefully

This group

renal artery hypertension -. High blood pressure due to insufficient blood supply to the kidneys due to pathological processes in the renal vessels. It will include the reason Levy dysplasia of the renal artery atherosclerosis, renal artery, such as inflammation of the arteries, the aorta is not specified.

is characterized by high blood pressure in people under 30, offers 50 years of age or older, has a family history of high blood pressure, and accelerate the emergence of a number of high blood pressure in the case of

high blood pressure and renal vascular bed. A large concentration of activation of the renin of this type of high blood pressure symptoms increase in blood "- renin -. Angiotensin increase in blood pressure is a compensatory response of the body, especially in organic disease of the renal aldosterone system."

to provide a clinical diagnosis

is very difficult. You can hear the noise of the projection of the renal artery for you. (And the most reliable for the diagnosis of hypertension, renovascular, a special test) and plasma renin activity in determining the renal artery, the study of blood flow doplerography, kidney, Vascular testing hypotheses using the method in addition to the study (X-ray contrast examination of the renal artery injection, took a picture,) On the other hand, I want to delete the renal vascular constriction that most accurately.

treat the symptoms invalid. Treatment depends on the factors in the etiology of the development of renal hypertension. (Renal artery stenosis and angiodysplasia) when required surgical treatment of life-threatening diseases. Endoscopes currently available for the expansion of the renal arteries balloon. Also called antihypertensives impossible, if disability or surgery. ACE inhibitors (However, the invalidity of what in bilateral renal artery stenosis), due to a reasonable proportion of high renin. Assigned to them, and reduce blood pressure, and shows the glomerular filtration rate, in order to monitor the renal excretory function - in primary aldosteronism


Looking for high blood pressure in the blood urea and serum creatinine, it is assumed that the defect. With the syndrome or primary aldosteronism, is - high blood pressure due to the presence of hormones, tumor. It can produce aldosterone system, which is located in any part of the body, causing fluid retention.

(including increased thirst), paresthesia, visual disturbances, and clinical signs Home

hard aldosteronism initial increase in blood pressure, hypokalemia, muscle weakness, polyuria, headache, polydipsia, transient spasms, pain in the muscles. These symptoms are not specific, you can generate a large amount in a time when other conditions. For low levels of potassium in the blood associated with the action of the hormone - syndrome of disease-causing clinical and key -. Aldosterone


renounce conservative treatment, and increase the effect of b-blockers or add dihlotiazid necessary, is the effectiveness of spironolactone (a diuretic)

high blood pressure. Distinctive features of the thyroid -. Decrease in excess of possible output and heart rate low heart

after surgery

thyroid and high blood pressure

increases and diastolic hypertension, high have. Heart rate, cardiac output, and systolic hypertension generates mainly in diastolic blood pressure normal or low. In hyperthyroidism, toxic nodular goiter or toxic to publish, it was observed increase in the formation of thyroid hormone before.

high blood pressure, alcohol. In the case of 5-25%, the chronic use of alcohol is the cause of high blood pressure. Increased production of glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex under the influence of elements and ethanol, and increasing concentrations of insulin to activate the sympathetic nervous system, and increases peripheral vascular resistance of the college.

with the external examination, the men use alcohol that you can see both early and late signs of chronic. The smell of ALT and AST alcohol from the shoulder to the face, mouth, and telangiectasia, contains high levels in the first few months. Features resemble, liver disease Cushing, was included hepatic encephalopathy late signs of alcohol consumption. Under the influence of alcohol, and peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia developed in often.

in the treatment of

high blood pressure, alcohol, it is necessary to abandon the use of beverages containing alcohol, which guarantees the complete normalization of blood pressure before. (1 dose, equivalent to 8 grams of alcohol) that can not afford to give up alcohol, the recommended dose for doses of 14 to 21 men and women per week.

clonidine, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers and blockers, and similar to a drug used to correct

high blood pressure, alcohol. Must clonidine those with alcohol, drug interactions, as far as possible, to be aware of.

to include the age of the elderly

In this 65-year-old

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