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Chapter 5: Pathology of pregnancy

This toxemia of pregnancy, at the forefront of the current issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology that toxemia of pregnancy is very common in pregnancy It is a way complication buying albendazole buyers india pharmacy purchase prescription canada uk online to order where buy. The old name for this phenomenon - the poisoning of the last months of pregnancy, the researchers concluded that this definition does not reflect the nature of the processes occurring in the body of a woman exactly zentel 200 tablets uk albendazole united 400mg buying canada where can i buy albenza states cheap. (Protein proteinuria (urine), D - - - - inflammation, hypertension P - O Tsangemeystera called triad) OPG toxemia of pregnancy, therefore, scientists obstetrician and gynecologist meetings of this disease in 1985 I adopted a new name rx buying cheap ordering online order tablets purchase get needed prescription can albendazole to where.


today, early diagnosis of the disease will be launched, the method of treatment (compared to miscarriage tube) called benign it is there of cheap for sales where to buy generic medication for best price how much per discount pill albendazole cost does.

1 this surgery because of the

tubal pregnancy price api 28 suspension india albendazole tablet 400 australia canada of mg usp buy. Extrusion reviews information about generic drugs from wikipedias albendazole over uk counter canada pharmacy generic online in name buy the. When the large portion of the fallopian tube, which can be reduced to mild is 400mg cost 200 much does dosage albendazole how reviews tablets price buy. Today, this method has not been re-classified as high risk of re-situation more getzol much get i where how to albendazole can.

2 Scraping Masu, removing eggs Tube - salpingostomy.

3 Posegmentarnaya resection of the fallopian tube. It is a removed portion of the oviduct containing the fertilized eggs are injected in the middle of the operation. Based on

In this surgery operation for pregnancy

The abdomen with the help of the anastomosis after resection was (elimination), to connect the two ends of the pipe As a general rule -. Stop the bleeding and subsequent removal of the egg. Postoperative Features: immediately after the hot water bottle draping, women have been placed in the ice pack from his


1) if the operation is You need stomach, ongoing analgesic; Masu.

necessarily antibiotics

3); important role for nutrition

4) early recovery are given in relation to the female body weakened, I will hold a vitamin.

after having surgery in the first 1.5

. It is active in two months Sexual undesirable. You need preferably given hormonal contraceptives for the next six months, to protect against pregnancy. This is to prevent the recurrence of an ectopic pregnancy.

of this technology

These savers have been used for the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy this progressive conservative treatment. Well, I tried the drug methotrexate.

methotrexate -. Folic acid antagonists. The metabolic processes of the organization, significantly slower loss of activity, especially metabolic reactions shoot him.


, there is a serious complication of developing 10 to 15 days after cessation of administration. You can open a lot of bleeding from the ex plodovmestilischa.

The reproductive function. We are talking about a delay of a gradual recovery in the permeability of the fallopian tubes. I will appoint a calm sea, spa treatments, and a desirable vacation.

women was a

ectopic tubal pregnancy, in many cases there is no evidence that the same condition of the tube in the other. Thus, these women are at risk. We have a good anti-inflammatory therapy, health surveillance. For the execution of all instructions of the physician, it is necessary to protect women. Because it's not in vitro fertilization if all else fails a natural concept of children then.

possible re-ectopic pregnancy that is not in despair

This inflammation of the abdominal cavity, and the formation of pelvic adhesions effect of

ectopic pregnancy, infertility

mediate some of the symptoms you should be aware of women can be seen in the flow of ectopic pregnancy is as follows. For persistent abdominal pain, instead of the dark spots, and click inflammation of the mammary gland, the nipple, the attack of sudden recurrence of menstruation on a regular basis, and Masu advent of colostrum.

Split can be imposed after the separation of the placenta

this seam only soft birth canal


(this is the risk of perforation of the uterus) (complete or partial) to abandon the operation inside the uterus, or hysterectomy must be cut urgently in placenta accreta

true. (- Gifototsin of pituitrin or 3-5 unit - 3 IU of oxytocin intramuscularly), transfusion of hemostatic agent implementing the above. Women in the work of successive periods of transportable; assistance that should be provided on the spot.

prevention. Not only history always possible inflammatory disease, genital, in patients who have bleeding within the period which is continuous, miscarriage, particularly complex, frequently, the baby, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, toxemia of late pregnancy, the hand labor in women with prolonged pregnancy weakness. Along with the solution of 40% glucose 20 ml of 0.5 ml: introduction of the uterus to reduce the assets at the time of the birth of the eruptions of the front shoulders and


1) Head: is recommended for the prevention of bleeding intravenous injection of 1 ml methylergometrine is (2.5 IU of oxytocin along with the solution of 40% glucose 20 ml) intravenous injection of oxytocin infusion solution was prepared from 1 ml (5 units) oxytocin in 5% glucose solution to 500 ml. Intravenous infusion can be replaced by intramuscular injection of 1 ml 1 ml mammofizina or one of these drugs.

to empty the bladder, and out fetus

3) weight polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, large stomach through the catheter after the birth of the fetus immediately 2) this


occurs uterus low blood pressure, a member or intimate accessory placenta when the placenta had been retained.


clinic. For a long time, no separation of the placenta from the uterus, there is no indication of external bleeding and separation of the placenta.

treatment. And after uterine administration reducing agent 30 minutes after birth (5 units 40 drops per minute, 5% glucose solution to 500 ml 2), (0.5 ml after 4 times 15 minutes) Pituitrin fraction of the dose Intravenous infusion of oxytocin. If there is no effect of treatment time, there is a need to rely on manual removal of the placenta. It is a possibility that the


This bleeding of

early postpartum period to be attached to placenta accreta, which is not included is required to have a hysterectomy or supravaginal cut and laparotomy there . You.

part of the delay in utero placental

1); Masu; uterine relaxation

and this

2) low blood pressure.

afibrinogenaemia and

3) hiccups; Masu.

The Masu

4) uterine rupture.


clinic. Latency of intrauterine placenta was detected during inspection of the placenta immediately. Hypotension uterus more frequently. Uterine relaxation - extremely rare complication. If you are able abnormal bleeding from the uterus low blood pressure is fickle. In many cases, in the form of lumps, blood was assigned part. Short cavity, little reduction, thus increasing the accumulated blood clotting uterus, uterus, Aru slack. Uterus becomes normal contractility and tone, but still want to respond to the decrease in the normal stimulus. The sluggishness of uterine contractility and tone, lose the neuromuscular system that responds to mechanical and thermal pharmacological stimulation. Bad Scheme, Aru slack through the uterus to the abdominal skin. In many cases, the blood, means a large thrombus or excretion wide stream.


, it can be if you exercise to train the body and in early pregnancy, and prepare it for delivery.


of these exercises

this is Hatha Yoga is the Hatha Yoga for pregnant women.

1 His knees, heel riding, please do not sit on (you will find after a few days) the floor is wider than the shoulders. In yoga, 5 minutes, if you do the exercise only this every day, it is considered delivered and is painless.

2 Together, pulling the heel to the perineum to sit on the mat on the floor with your feet. But for the separation of the sides of the knee, which will play possible gender. The Daily Masu this exercise for two minutes so that the elasticity of the maximum muscle force to prepare the perineum for light eyes.

3, Breathing and lying on the mat on the floor, raise the legs and pelvis upward slowly. The bend at the elbow to support the buttocks and thighs arms. Socks must be above the eye. There is a need for a sense of refuge inside and then perineal, Relax, breathe Berry. In this exercise, it is called "poluberezka". It is considered that prevention of the occurrence of stagnation in the lower body. 2-3 minutes after training (until hard) every day (in between exercises) and to make a move from the beginning of pregnancy has been recommended was completely relaxed, to lie on the carpet you should be.

I'm well suited for

Women Health Tai Chi di

The pregnant. All exercises are performed from the first position, sitting on the bed with one of the legs crossed on this. If it is the second half of pregnancy pose so hard, you want to change, you can: Bend your knees slightly, pull it slightly forward then. You can customize the initial position completely. Sit on the top of the foot and the chair away a little. The value Di Tai Chi exercises for all muscle groups, is that in combination with self-massage here. Self-massage, so to increase the voltage of the central nervous system, the fetus is carried out in the morning.

1 - The I. n. Eyes back straight, shoulders, sitting on the bed, straight, and half-closed, legs crossed, palms of both hands on the top of the knee to the east. Inspiration "outgoing" and take a deep breath 15-20 times and sucking in the womb of his breath, making breathing for long.

2 - The I. n. , And sitting on the bed, straight from the shoulder, back straight, eyes closed. After the massage "rub" the right index finger and left hand, thumb and palm, ears, to return to the starting position (20 to 25 times).

3 - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes open and straight back straight, shoulders. To weaken the pressure (20 times) and clenching firmly. By using the tooth, 30 to 40 will move to the second part of the exercise.

4 - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes open and straight back straight, shoulders. (Swallow hard)

5 to the left - to make a move forward tongue movement of teeth in both jaws in a clockwise direction the same 20 - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes open and straight back straight, shoulders. By compressing his lips tight, light a moderate pace (30 to 40 times).

6 - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes half closed, straight, shoulders back. The back of the thumb to massage the sides of the nose, the nose begins, and then back up (15 to 20 times) and down on the side of the mouth.

7 - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes half closed, straight, shoulders back. To open the palm of the right hand in order to the (10-15 times), then massage the head from the forehead to the nape, to repeat the move with your left hand. Second part of the exercise: to maintain pressure oscillation at the point of connection of the cervical spine and neck (0.10 ~ 20 seconds), the tip of the index

8 finger - The I. n. You can sit on the bed, eyes half closed, straight, shoulders back. Massage the back of the right hand and left thumb brow of the opposite direction of the nose (20-30 times) to the temple.

9 - The I. n. , And sitting on the bed, straight from the shoulder, back straight, eyes closed. Make a circular motion of the eyeball: Down Left Up - - - right. Again (10) in the opposite direction. Then the tip of the index finger of lightly opened, the rapid flashing some movement, and closed his eyes.

I stroked

10 - The I. n. Finger raised, straight, Agowazuka away, back extension to the side, straight to your shoulder, sitting on the bed, right arm straight brush. Getting confident look within reach and right eyes narrowing. Look at the eyes on the corner movement, eye-hand to the left (5 times) to move in the direction of the long right hand to the face horizontally toward the left shoulder. Stretched to the left, then run a similar movement. The Masu, then head still move only his eyes.

11 - The I. n. The right arm away, widened slightly looking forward to the side brush to straighten the finger. After stretching his left hand, repeat the exercise, to fix the nail eye of the middle finger (10 to 15 times), it was moved to the starting position, bend the arm at the elbow, you can bring the brush to the nose.

12 - The I. n. The eyes are open, I sat on the bed. Like when you wash your face, do a light massage the palm of the right hand to the right, left cheek and whiskey (10-15 times) to capture. Repeat the movement on the left.

13 - The I. n. Quijada has been pressed, the body is slightly bent, and sat in the front, the bed, lying head and crossed fingers of both hands the head on the neck. Hand back Masu resist (10-15 times) and pull the head away.

14 - The I. n. He sat on the bed. The circular movement of the right and left and then massaging her left shoulder, the palm of the right hand. The left hand (20 times), which will create a right shoulder massage in the same way.

15 - A I. n sitting in bed: Double left arm and right elbow, such as jogging. Move the bent arm, while the right hand moves forward, to the left - back. Forward, right - - movement of the left arm when repeated. Back (20-30 times)

16 - The I. n. fingers of both hands "White" are bent and pressed against his chest, and sat in a chair. And right to stand, to pull the hand that was clenched in a slightly bent leg. The distance and repeat the movement in the direction of the other (10-15 times), to

17 - The I. n. Placed on the waist, and began the palm of both hands behind his back, and sat on a little bending of the bed. I rub the waist up and down with light pressure. Each brush have raised as high as possible sacrum at the back (up to 20-30 times).

18 - The I. n. In bed, eyes half closed Agoage. The closed circle, which does not block traffic in the final stage, rub the palm area of ​​the spiral right hand on the belly of a gentle pressure in the direction of clockwise. Around the abdomen and lead to reduction, extension, and was completed in the navel (20-30 times) was launched in umbilical, move, get a massage in the left hand.

19 - The I. n. A little, and sat on the bed to put the palms on knees leaning forward. When the knee joint is rubbed in a circular motion to the left, in other ways or one clockwise (20 to 30 times).

20 - The I. n. Grab the right foot and left foot legs with both hands away to sit on the hard bed of anteversion. Rub your feet: rub the soles of the feet, with the thumb, and the rest - the forefoot. After heel, finger movement, start in the opposite direction (20 to 30 times).

21 - The I. n. Sitting on the bed to rest in his hands behind his back, leaning on the back, eyes closed. And to straighten the right leg at the knee, and then return to the starting position. I will do in the left foot (15-20 times) in the same way.

22 - The I. n. To the waist, sat on the bed side. Around the waist (15 to 20 times) was carried out round the body, the rotational movement, and repeating the exercise counterclockwise.

23; - I. n. Sitting in bed, bend a little body, hand half closed eyes in the front of the knee. Draw

24 -. Make sure you exhale when you and the belly, that 15-20 deep breath, swollen intake. - The I. n. Out of the legs, sitting up in bed, eyes half closed. Open palms of both hands to make a "10 putt thighs slap forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, abdomen and buttocks

25 -.. I. The n Open your eyes, stay away, you get the shoulder width of the foot bed. Walking on the ground, and the maximum value for touching the belly area may lift the knee of his. After a minute of exercise brisk walking is slow . arms, breathing deeply bent at the elbow as if begetrustsoy.

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