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Due to the lack of an enzyme in the liver convert conjugated bilirubin free newborn cells in the liver is slow without prescription online canada sodium pharmacy cheap buy 20 mg rabeprazole order uk.

Thus, after the birth of newborn blood concentration of free bilirubin, which can not be excreted by the kidneys, and starts to increase rapidly rabeprazole prescription order discount of online purchase where drug cheap buying cost sodium to. Thus, the development of hyperbilirubinemia, jaundice clinically expressed in the skin and mucous membranes in the newborn sale name canada australia of buy mg information about generic drugs from wikipedia rabeprazole india cost 10 where to buy generic medication for best price uk. Because bilirubin Allamqturn soluble in fat easily with a high concentration is its accumulation in neurons is rich in fat online cost generic pharmacy aciphex price treatment 20mg rabeprazole brand sodium drugs reviews canada. A further increase in the amount of indirect bilirubin under the influence are often amazed at the nuclei of the subcortical brain stem, and as a result of this development jaundice - price 20 20mg reviews sandoz tablets rabeprazole ip generic sodium mg 10 buy. Bilirubin encephalopathy

bilirubin brain develops mainly in the acute hemolytic disease in newborns 50 mg sodium 40 rabeprazole 20 ec teva 10. A significant increase in the concentration of bilirubin free a toxic effect on all tissues of the fetus and newborn children, and affects the liver, kidneys and brain buying coupons aciphex 10mg buy prescription canada without cheap online order ordering pharmacy. Since the increase in the concentration of free bilirubin causes swelling of mitochondria, is a violation of oxidative phosphorylation, and the reduction of phosphate energy to price canada purchase online uk where europe generic aciphex with buy 20mg without cheap prescription.

is no less dangerous than eating large amounts of fetal maternal antibodies, which may lead to the defeat of the capillaries and the subsequent development of hydrocephalus prescription canada order buy india no online ordering with generic prescriptions cheap medication news from Yahoo buying aciphex where 20mg to. The fetus and placenta, which led to the death of the fetus inside the uterus often notes

incidence of hemolytic disease of the newborn depends on several factors: cheap rx insurance purchase no prescription much without how aciphex generic cost of does. alloimmunization mothers, and the amount of antibodies fell to the fetus, and the destruction of the cells of the fetal red blood

E "is well known that this hemolytic disease of the newborn may depend not only on the incompatibility between the blood of mother and fetus Rh, but when the incompatibility group AB0 when the placenta to the fetal blood has to Mkavhh- A or B Mother anti-agglutinin prescription canada without coupons purchase aciphex online cheapest cheap program card buy pills discount. A and B antigens already present in the tissues of the fetus with 5-6 weeks of pregnancy cost how without insurance costochondritis does coupon aciphex of per pill much discount. always incompatibilities immune system develops in the presence of blood group mother and fetus - II, III platoon rare blood (set when the mother, the father of the fetus second or third) mg cost us what medication does how india without insurance much aciphex canada 20. investigations carried out, showing that the authors of this hemolytic disease of the newborn in AB0 group incompatibility often, but severe form of the disease develops very rarely, and sometimes even without signs of hemolytic disease, so it is often mistaken for neonatal jaundice physiological cost aciphex uk how australia in sale does canada it much buy price india generic.

The process of the development of antibodies to antigens erythropoiesis fetus in pregnant women dependent on the presence of red blood cells in the fetus absent from the antigen of red blood cells to the mother cost best comparison canada australia price of aciphex usa medication compare prices 20 mg. activity ( immunohistochemistry) antigen erythrocytes of the fetus pharmacy order buy generic from online canada drugs purchase cost price sale aciphex buying. The number of red blood cells of the fetus, which is located in the mother's circulation, there must be enough to stimulate an immune response aciphex generic cost rabeprazole 2009 equivalent drug name availability uk canada date brand buy.

A small amount of fetal blood always gets in the mother's circulation during normal pregnancy, but this amount is not enough to produce antibodies normally online without substitute usa medication mg generic 20 us aciphex available buy canada prescription. The possibility of the occurrence of antibodies in the mother's circulation increases with the amount of bleeding from the placenta gerd pharmacy canadian for canada 20 reviews comments generic aciphex reflux online gastritis mg acid user.

reliable showed that the penetration of antigens of the fetus in the mother's blood contributes to the infectious agents that increase the permeability of the placenta and pre-eclampsia and foreign study, caesarean section, any bleeding and minor wounds and other injuries of the placenta 20mg reviews online buy comments 10mg user aciphex gastritis reflux acid gerd order. Women are often the first pregnancy Rh negative in the absence of antibodies from the blood before pregnancy proceeds without complications 40 for without how generic tablet does 20 directions much mg insurance price aciphex cost.

At the time of delivery to the blood of the majority of women get about 25 ml of red blood cells of the fetus aciphex does it you high getting cost is can take much should off how. And 'well known that women's awareness of Rh negative may be incompatible blood transfusion (taking also in early childhood), pregnancy and childbirth (if the fetus Rh positive blood), and post-abortion and abortion, surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. According to statistics released by researchers in the field of awareness of pregnancy after an abortion awareness, an E. formation of antibodies in the blood, in 3-4% of cases, while after a medical abortion -. 5-6%, after ectopic pregnancy - about 1% of cases, and after the birth of a normal - 10-16%. To ensure the safety of pregnancy in the future now after every interruption of pregnancy and a natural birth with a woman's immune prevention Rh negative blood administered anti-monkey.

If the first pregnancy for women before meeting with Rh positive blood, it is without antibodies and the risk of conflict with the fetal Rh. During pregnancy the first antibody does not produce much. But if the number of infiltrators to the red blood cells from the mother to the fetus in women remain a large "memory cells", which in subsequent pregnancies organize rapid production of antibodies against the Rh factor.

revealed that the original in subsequent pregnancies increased the concentration of antibodies more and more, because of their small size (antibodies incomplete - inspector) able to pass freely through the placenta and blood monkey damage red blood cells positive fetus and the formation of organs. Result is the emergence of breakthrough antibody in the fetus and / or newborn children of various side effects

E 'known that IgM -. Antibodies full - do not pass through the placenta and cause hemolytic disease of the newborn (MEN). In the development of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn children are the key factors missing antibodies that belong to G. immune IgG crosses the placenta easily and fetal circulation, and is involved in agglutination, precipitation, complement the installation and analyze the immune system.

currently plays an important role in the diagnosis of multiple pregnancy also plays a determining hormones: human chorionic gonadotropin b-fetoprotein and placental lactogen.

their level at this stage of pregnancy in multiple pregnancies is higher than Singleton. Has a simple explanation: placental hormones are synthesized and fruits of the placenta, and if you have two or two hormones chorions placenta produces much more than in singleton pregnancies where

The main method is more reliable and the placenta and the placenta. Definition of multiple pregnancy is ultrasound. Accuracy and diagnostic confidence up more than 99% of the early stages of pregnancy. Ultrasound diagnosis of multiple pregnancy in the early stages on the basis of the perception of the uterine cavity in most eggs embryo or embryos with 5-6 weeks of prenatal development.

in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, ultrasound, as well as the use of media doplerography allow to determine the nature of the development, and the type of presentation of the fetus, and placed in the uterus, and the structure, and a number of the placenta and the cavity that surrounds the fetus, and the volume of fluid that surrounds the fetus, the presence of congenital malformations, as well as the nature of the blood flow in the "placenta - fetus" in each of the fruit

According to the ultrasound, we can distinguish 5 types of twins:

1) is physiological development of the fruit - the natural evolution of both fetuses, which corresponds to the period of pregnancy and lack of congenital malformations.

2) malnutrition, or separated from the development, whether the development of embryos when there is an insufficient supply of blood from both embryos, such as placental insufficiency.

3) separation (irregular growth of the fruit), when the weight of the fruits differs by more than 10% - and this condition develops when blood supply fruit is equal, for example, in the presence of arteriovenous fistula placenta systems.

4) congenital abnormality in one or both fetuses.

5) die before birth and one of the fruits.

The most important during the ultrasound examination is to determine the status of the fetus in the womb, as well as the definition of the display. This is especially important before birth, in order to rationally determine the tactics of birth:. Vaginally or by cesarean section

fetuses in the womb sites based on the perception of the head and the direction of the longitudinal axis of the body. Often when doubling whether the fetus was in a position to be in the longitudinal and vertical viewing, the fetus is at least one presentation in my head, and the other - in the rear. E "is also possible position when the fetus is in a breech, or the position of one or both fetuses in Cross

position longitudinally of the most common -. In 80% of cases, and 45% of them in each of the fetal head . following is the alternative, when one of the fruits in the head, and the second - in the rear (6% of cases), the situation in any one of the fruit is horizontal and the other - in the occurrence of the situation longitudinal in 5% of cases. rarest is a condition in which Each of the fetus in a transverse (0.5% of cases).

in the process of ultrasound in multiple pregnancies endoscopist attention to the Development Research defects fruit. in this case, in an attempt to accurately display the internal organs, as well as skin external -. Are Siamese twins

to include diagnostic criteria ultrasound for twins conjoined inability to separate the head and torso of the fruit, and the presence of a fixed position for a number of research ultrasound.

Section VIII. How to maintain your health

in the postpartum period, except for the omission of the anterior abdominal wall, there is often a disparity righteous.

form the abdomen becomes more prominent, albeit expressed in subcutaneous fat and not it is very difficult. In addition, the factors that contribute to the accumulation of fat under the skin predisposing, and hormonal disorders and metabolic and food (food) obesity, which occurs as a result of violations of proper nutrition.

process involving the detachment of the flap of skin on the entire surface of the abdomen, and the removal of excess skin and fat and muscle layer of plastic from the anterior abdominal wall. In some cases, liposuction during major surgery in the abdominal area, and there is a need to move your belly button. Duration of the intervention is 1.5-2 hour.

But liposuction has its drawbacks. And characterized by post-surgical pain for 7-10 days. Possible reaction of the patient's body to a substance - components numbness. This is due to the fact that the appearance of cellulite is not resolved after the operation some time after the fat deposits cellulite process may again. After all, the remaining fat cells continue to accumulate reserves of carbohydrates, fats, and increase in size. Repeated increase in fatty compounds can happen in six months or a year, and sometimes a few weeks after the surgery. E 'so it is important not only to pass the surgery and get rid of the fat, but also a lifestyle change, and live a healthy life.

There are areas of the body which can not be subject to liposuction. These include: the front part of the thigh, the front and back of the front leg and the rear surface of the forearm. Referred to as liposuction surgery except in cases of large weight gain, and only at the end of the lactation period.

technology to a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Is the implementation of some of these methods for 2-3 hours. Based on this method of cellulite is selective rupture of the membranes of fat cells, and the release of fatty compounds and remove them from the body's tissues. As a result, the thickness is reduced adipose tissue to 2 cm.

In some cases, there is no time and effort to make sure that the work on the problem of cellulite is long and comprehensive. But it is very easy to deal with the problem of cellulite, and to combine work and pleasure. After all, every woman can afford twice a week, and treat yourself to a spa tub, during this procedure the body to relax and rest. It was through the bathroom, you can spend on the healing process. It is important to leave behind anxiety and fears to rest in the hot water for 20 minutes. The body relaxes, and the area affected by cellulite, and well heated. In the water, and poured in the bathroom, can and should add a little oil. Help get rid of cellulite essential oils of citrus, lavender, sage, juniper, rosemary and mint, and a few drops of which (5-10) with the addition of hot water.

After the bath, you need to rinse off in the shower, it must be warm water first, and in the end they need rinsing with cold water. Wipe with a towel while doing massage movements over the entire surface of the body. Skin Care lubricated with special means (such as milk, cosmetics). If this behavior does not require much effort procedures regularly, the result will not be long in coming.

therapeutic techniques for the most radical anti-cellulite refers to this as manipulation tsellyulolipoliz. Essence of this method lies in the normalization of metabolic processes in cells by working on the problem area of ​​the electromagnetic field. These cells start electromagnetic field to implement quickly the process of metabolism. Thanks to the active work of the fat cells are exposed to the decomposition of fat (), and fat reserves that were "stuck" in the connective tissue in the form of nodules begin to dissolve and disappear. Happens gradually remove fatty compounds from the body.

tsellyulolipoliza more efficient if we've assembled this technique with the behavior of lymphatic drainage entertainment. To do this, you can use any combination of lymphatic drainage procedures:. Pressure treatment, hand massage, vacuum, and so on D. curative effect of lymphatic drainage, based on the breeding of the tissues of excess fluids and toxins and metabolic products, and makes it easier to get rid of the swelling that accompanies cellulite

contraindications to conduct these exercises are high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. And considered details about tsellyulolipoliza of course, serious cases of advanced cellulitis. In other cases, a more moderate, it is recommended that saving techniques.

in Europe, gained recognition and dissemination of this technique therapeutic body, and the impact of the system on the triple problem of cellulite. Three elements of the system are the stages of detoxification, massage and iontophoresis empty.

The first step is cleaning fluid in the areas of interest between the cells. This is achieved thanks to the combination of the currents and the properties of the cell preparation used. Metabolic rate adjusted. From the tissues of the body of toxins and excess fluid intensely (edema disappears).

iontophoresis, which carried out the second phase of manipulation, is the definition in the field of fat under the skin of the preparation of special concern. Configure these means include vegetable oils and aromatic extracts. Drug blocks the mechanisms responsible for supplying vehicles fatty lipid. It also happens accelerated deterioration and secretion of fat. Introduced in parallel, the evolution of the flow of lymphatic fluid and the venous circulation.

In the third stage, and vacuum massage. Is reduced to the hips, buttocks and abdomen after the first procedure. An integrated approach to solve the problem of cellulite effect gives very fast. The course consists of 10-15 procedures can save a woman completely from the results of inactivity in the winter, and violations of the rules of good nutrition, but only for a period of time ".

is the whole procedure very carefully so as not to burn depends buffer on the edge banks, not the severity of the bank does not cause skin burns.

When I put these banks on the skin, it must be a man hosting a blanket, and the duration of the procedure no more than 15-20 minutes. after the expiration of that time, you must remove the banks. needs to slight pressure to push the skin of the finger on the edge of the banks at the same time rejected the bank in the opposite direction. once you remove the banks need to rub the skin with a clean towel and softening detskimkremom.

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