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If noticeable lag in the development of one of the fruit, a donor in the presence of anastomosis of blood vessels can be done, dressing his umbilical cord (prenatal), which prevents excessive blood volume, polycythemia second fetus, and improved his condition results 120 how 20 dosage 10 80 accutane 60 much day mg 30 40. This implementation allows manipulation to prolong the pregnancy the fetus viable australia drink you accutane insurance vitamin cost without mg should isotretinoin does take much how canada. Connecting vessels are made secret under ultrasound or endoscopy fetus canada accutane how cost lawsuit is get money to use in generic where take much insurance without does should.

in the absence of complications of fetuses at 37 weeks, it is advisable to induce labor better get without how scars where online yahoo worse before of accutane uk i answers rid insurance can gets. In some cases, carried out the operation in the long routine Caesarean out in 37-38 weeks red blackheads oily getting after rid worse skin of accutane pregnant off marks online. Indications for cesarean section are venereal diseases and severe cases of preeclampsia in the invalidity of (serious) work spontaneous australia lawsuit health accutane doctor mild dermatologist without acne get prescribed insurance isotretinoin. Excessive hyperextension of the uterus (large fruit). Lack of preparation of the birth canal after 38 weeks of pregnancy; lateral position of the first fruits of twins or two embryos. Breech fetus first birth useless. Fetal hypoxia (fetus).

birth in multiple pregnancies work

Current can be normal, but often associated with major complications. Enlarged uterus before birth and often tedious, because of the long time for the opening of the cervix due to the weakness in the labor force. Often occurs long period of exile and the first fruits. Sometimes the display is part of the second fetus tends in the same place, which entered into the pot, take a long work, so in the end built at the entrance to the swimming pool to the president.

in the process of births per woman, the third holder Show late amniorrhea (premature or early). In this case, due to the small size of the fetus and the lack of a bout of belt loops of the umbilical cord can make small parts located (arms and legs).

second stage of labor in multiple pregnancies is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, with a mandatory newborn. Must be ready and incubator facilities, intensive care for newborns be. If the implementation of several of the early period of pregnancy was expelled from the dam without protection. To prevent infection of the fetus continue to head the first anesthesia and shame perineal incision. In the case of the closure of the fetus directly directory must be very carefully.

In the first breech fetus may lead to serious problems if the fetus is large and difficult birth, followed by the head. The same applies to the small size of the fruit, as he did not disclose fully through the cervix.

placental abruption

is one of the serious complications for a period of exile is the separation of the placenta and fetus prematurely born and unborn.

It is recommended that, pickles and coffee to reduce consumption of steel gravy, mustard, horseradish, spices and other hot dishes.

in the last months of pregnancy, and fluid intake (including soup, milk, juices and so on. N.) should be limited to 1 liter per day.

Table No. 19

standards nutrients physiological needs and the power of women working pregnant from different intensity


1 group - the staff in the first place in the intellectual work of employees (scientists and students of the humanities, and scientists computer, teachers, managers, and others).

Group 2 - the use of light-workers (nurses and nursing staff, and service staff, and sellers of industrial goods and sewage, etc. ..)

Group 3 -. Employees working in the medium gravity (mechanics, surgeons, train, and sellers of food and chemical plants workers, manufacturers and tuners, mechanics, plumbers, and others.)

group 4 -. Workers heavy physical labor (construction workers, farm workers, and girls milk and breeders, machine, etc. ..).

** Retilovy equivalent corresponds with 1 mg of vitamin A, or 6 mg carotene (provitamin A).

*** niacin equivalent is equal to 1 mg of vitamin E, and 60 mg of tryptophan.

A balanced diet is a rational prevent complications during pregnancy. Healthy women in the first half of pregnancy do not need a special diet, it is important that the responsibility of the diet. In the first half of pregnancy 4-5 meals a day - 15%, lunch - 40%, dinner in 21 hours - must be breakfast the first 30% of the value of the calories in the daily diet, and included lunch and a glass of milk (yogurt or other of fermented milk products) - 5%. In the second half of pregnancy are advised to 5-6 meals a day. Must be every woman's (almost): Meat - 120 grams of fish - 100 g low-fat cream cheese - 170 grams of yogurt - 200 g wheat bread - rye bread 100 g - 150 g butter - 15-20 grams, vegetable oils - 25 g sour cream - 30 g, milk - 250 grams of sugar - 40 g, 1 egg, flour products pastries (brioche and biscuits) - 100 grams of pasta - 50 g, large - 60 g potatoes - 200 g of cabbage - 100 grams, and beet - 100 grams islands - 100 grams Onion - 30-50 grams

Before you go with the consideration of different positions during intercourse, note that it does not only help. Partner better and feel better today, but no medical value in the first place. Poses that differ from each other, and how people differ from each other, so that all of us once and for all standard form as putative recommend. There are many physiological characteristics and contradictions genital size and weight of the partners, and the different conditions (such as pregnancy), and finally, just complaints that do not allow that to each and every one of us recommend people something a certain position. The doctor, who advises young people (which, by the way, but it very rarely, relying on own "knowledge" in this area), and one couple can discuss the situation and the other, under the account of the health status of one of the partners, to prevent himself better position or recommend to others . In addition to the importance of purely medical exchange of different positions, and the boys can be automated from the "saturation" of sexual life, which often leads to ease of infidelity, and even to destroy the family.

From the standpoint of the physiology of the different positions differ from each other, "the inclusion of" some areas aphrodisiac, and the penetration depth and direction of the penis, as well as the various partners of physical activity. Equally important is the key to change, and of the psychological point of view, because the different positions allow partners to decide for yourself, which will play an active role by, and at the same time creating a rich and not so exciting as far as aesthetic perception.

did not try here, raises human sexuality certainly knows all (if such a story lead us too far from the purpose of the book) to say.

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