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There are the following clinical varieties pimples pastuleznogo syphiloderm: eel, or akneiformny, ospennovidny or varioliformny, impetigopodobny, syphilitic Ecthyma, syphilitic Rupee 2 30 online 5mg order without pharmacy 15mg buy buying information about generic drugs from wikipedia prescription canada aripiprazole.

Surface form of pustular pimples syphiloderm - eels, and ospennovidny impetigopodobny - often observed in patients with secondary syphilis fresh and deep forms - syphilitic Ecthyma and rupee - especially observed in secondary recurrent syphilis and are indicative of a malignant progression of the disease buy canada prescription buying to purchase order 5 where mg discount cheap online no cost aripiprazole. All the variants of pustular syphiloderm an important feature - the base there is a specific infiltrate cost much india sales where to buy generic medication for best price aripiprazole does of canada effectiveness uk 2008 how prices. Pustular syphilides caused by the collapse of the papular infiltrates, so they should be called pustular pimples 5 australia mg cost of pharmacy online nz generic price buy aripiprazole canada.

Syphilitic alopecia generic uk cost canada 5mg manufacturers buy pharmacy names available prices aripiprazole abilify online 10mg. There are three clinical types of alopecia: diffuse, small focal mixed, which is a combination of small focal and diffuse type baldness

diffuse syphilitic alopecia characterized acute emerging general thinning of hair in the absence of changes in the skin through 5mg aripiprazole canada 15mg purchase buy generic 2009 practice pharmacy 10mg 30 reviews price. 15 30 5mg aripiprazole 10 does 2 abilify high generic how 20 cost much get. Hair loss usually begins with the temples and apply to the entire scalp you can high off aripiprazole get. In some cases, hair loss and other exposed parts of her - the beard and mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes cheap where buying prescription to order ordering pharmacy online buy abilify without price canada. Change and it herself: thin, dry and boring discount no prescription purchase 2mg online where from canada abilify without generic buy 5mg to cheapest. Severity of diffuse alopecia ranges from barely noticeable hair loss, a little more than the size of a physiological change in a complete loss of all of the hair, including vellus mg canada usa to abilify 15 uk online order where cheap buy for buying medication news from Yahoo generic.

melkoochagovogo syphilitic alopecia is characterized by the sudden appearance of rapidly advancing on the scalp, especially in the temples and neck, a lot of randomly scattered, small foci of thinning hair with a diameter of 0 without prescription online bipolar mail free reviews abilify ordering order canada from disorder. cm cheap to where online generic abilify needed for prescription ordering rx canada from buy. pleshiny have incorrectly rounded shape, do not grow on the periphery and not merge with each other online of much 10 how insurance without cost canada mg cheap abilify purchase does. Its not quite fall into the lesions occurs only their sharp thinning prescription for abilify buy cheaper alternative where prices online to card cheapest purchase discount cheap.

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There are three types of clinical pigmentary syphiloderm: . pharmacy buying canada buy order abilify ordering discount online price generic from prices australia. Spotted, mesh (side) and marble

When spotted gipopigmentnye Leucoderma spots are separated by broad sections of hyperpigmented skin and there is a pronounced difference in color between the hyper-and hypopigmented areas approved availability cost pharmacy purchase sale available abilify drugs canada prices price generic din.

When netted gipopigmentnye Leucoderma spots are in close contact with each other, but do not merge, remain separated by thin layers of hyperpigmented skin pharmacy canada cost from generic 2mg uk medication abilify buy 5mg price drug aripiprazole. In these limited areas of hyperpigmentation a grid brand date 5mg medication buy equivalent cost price canada alternative name version abilify generic. Form

marble leucoderma contrast between hyper-and hypopigmented areas is negligible, the boundary between the white spots are not clear and generally seems dirty skin without generic mg of safe india 10 online for available name abilify form prescription.

Nervous system

Neuro Syphilis can be divided into early and late forms, depending on the nature of the pathological changes observed in nervous tissue pharmacy abilify canada bipolar manufacturers depression reviews children for price anxiety generic online canadian. Early neurosyphilis - mostly mesenchymal process of the meninges and blood vessels of the brains and spinal cord for autism children depression abilify patient 2010 ocd positive medication schizophrenia reviews 5mg bipolar disorder. Usually occurs in the first 5 years after infection disorder patient autism reviews bipolar anxiety for on ocd schizophrenia children 2010 abilify depression. Early neurosyphilis is characterized by a predominantly exudative inflammatory and proliferative processes mg aripiprazole bipolar patient buy medication positive 10 reviews 2mg schizophrenia ocd children depression abilify.


syphilis injuries to internal organs during the early syphilis inflammatory nature and morphological pattern similar to the changes in the skin 15 price abilify 30 buy 20 discount 2mg 5mg generic canada cost purchase 10.

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system

bone lesions (mainly in the form ossalgiya rarely periostitis and osteoperiostitov) located predominantly in the long bones of the lower limbs, at least - in the bones of the skull and the breast cancer cells of 5mg 2 abilify review mg 30 2.5 cost size 15 dosage 10 generic 20.

3 Tertiary

The skin lesions and mucous membranes with active tertiary syphilis manifested papulose gummy and rash does many it will much is to cost mg of you get insurance the with abilify too kill high how.

papulose syphiloderm how is insurance should without to too cost abilify it much get overdose does take high. It can be applied anywhere on the skin and mucous membranes, but typically is from the site of localization, the extensor of the upper limbs, trunk and face get symptoms with high getting many help free you abilify how for pregnant system out off. The lesion is located in a small area of ​​skin, asymmetrically located

The main morphological element papulose syphiloderm - abilify many how does will off mg you can high get. Bump - rounded dense, hemispherical, bespolostnoe education plotnoelasticheskoy consistency. Bump formed in the thickness of the dermis, sharply demarcated from apparently healthy skin, has a size of 1 mm to 1.5 cm. Tubercles first color dark red or yellow-red, will be blue-red or brown.

areas that are most involved in the etiology and prevention of sexual arousal are called erogenous.

There are genital (area of ​​the pubis, the clitoris, labia, vagina entrance, the walls, the cervix) and extra (mouth, tongue, nose, ears, neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen, sacrum , buttocks) area. Several women the functional significance of the same erogenous zone when stimulated ambiguous, and the different zones in the same woman.


moisturizing lubricants female genital tract under the influence of erotic stimulation through the secretory properties of the vaginal mucosa, cervix, large and accessory glands of the vestibule. Isolation of mucus in the reproductive organs increases after 1-2 minutes after stimulation of erogenous zones, especially in the phase of orgasm. Sexual desire (libido) in women as unequal in the individual and in the cyclic aspect. It is also due to the physiological and psychological factors. And the greatest of the height in the premenstrual period may be related (to reduce the chance of pregnancy), the physiological and psychological state of the body

Stages of sexual desire

Sexual attraction to the development process goes through a number of stages .: 3-5 years - sexual curiosity, the desire and the feeling of watching the genitals; 7-10 years - platonic attraction - there is an interest in the opposite sex, wearing the height of a sexual nature (Baby Love); Adolescence - erotic sexual desire, the desire to not only spiritual but also physical contact; after 20 years - the sexual libido - desire to have sex. Many women can experience sexual attraction after orgasm. However, every fifth woman feel sexual attraction to the onset of sexual activity in 14-18 years. The sexual attraction full experience, many women begin to only 26-28 years. Reduced attractiveness done by 60 years, which -. For


Orgasm - an integrated central structures with results of afferent impulses, making very lush sensations upon completion of sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual activity

orgasm is different:

1) for the source (coitus, ekstrakoitalny, pollyutsionny, masturbation, pettingovy, casual);

2). localization (klitorichesky, vaginal, uncertain localization);

3) with the current (short term, long term, wavy, single and multiple);

4) the intensity (strong - 9-12 reductions, moderate - 6-8 cuts, weak -. 3-5 contractions)

cycle copulative cycle

Touch phase

The second phase (touch) is characterized by the intensification of affection, targeted stimulation of the erogenous zones and willingness to communicate with your partner active.

The secretory phase

The third phase (secretion) At present, the formation of orgasmic cuff (during sexual intercourse, smooth muscles of the vagina to fit the size of a man's penis and orgasm cuff forms the dimensions of sexual member of the partner -. was an adaptation of the vagina of a woman at the penis), the penis

Step orgasm

The fourth phase (phase orgasm) reflects the effect of copulatory discharge after the burst excitation with characteristic genital responses and psychosexual saturation.

It has been found that I diabetes, type II, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in women 3-7 times.

The most common and popular theory of the development of atherosclerosis, the lipid theory.

cholesterol and triglyceride levels that enter the body through food, bind to plasma proteins, and lipoproteins.

There are different types of lipoproteins, depending on the size of:

1) high-density lipoprotein. They range in size from 5 to 12 nm can easily penetrate in the wall of the artery, but also it is easy and reaction, and does not participate in atherogenesis;

2), low density lipoproteins (18-25 nm) and intermediate density lipoproteins (25-35 nm), and very low density lipoprotein (50 nm) are small and can easily penetrate in the wall of the artery. After they quit their oxidation in the arterial wall. These groups are atherogenic lipoproteins, namely E. Contributions to the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease; ..

3) chylomicrons are not atherogenic, and are too large to penetrate the wall of the artery

The mechanism of atherosclerosis

atherogenesis proceeds in stages. Development of atherosclerotic plaque passes through three stages:

1 Step fat and strips. This is the first morphological manifestation of atherosclerosis. In the first years of life in the blood vessels in the inner shell can be detected yellowish spots with a size of 1-2 mm. These spots are deposits of lipids, which gradually with the progress of the process of merging with each other turn into fat strips.

This step is only morphological. This means that no clinical symptoms: a person has no symptoms, no changes in the internal organs and systems

The rise in fat and strip that implementation should be to the next stage .. The absence of risk factors, regular, healthy lifestyle, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

2 Step fibrous plaque. The fibrous plaque on the inner wall of the blood vessels and increases eccentrically, ie. Ie. Ultimately, the lumen of the blood vessel decreases. It has a dense capsule consists of endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, foam cells, T-lymphocytes, connective tissue, and have a soft core which esters and cholesterol crystals from the blood.

At this stage of development of atherosclerosis in humans develop clinical manifestations of the disease, depending on the beat of a particular vessel. coronary heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, intermittent claudication, etc.

3 Stage complex disorders. At this stage, the thickness of the fibrous capsule plaque reduces the integrity violated, ulcers, cracks, fractures. These changes lead to the imposition of platelet collapsing fibrous plaque, which is the development of atherosclerosis complications entails :. Myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, and others

The clinical picture

The clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis are varied and depend on the location of blood vessels affected, and the degree of reduced blood flow and vasoconstriction.

There are clinical manifestations that may be detected by external examination of the human being. These include:

1) or severe premature aging, when it seems that a person looks older than his age;

2), premature graying of hair on the head;

3) multiple xanthoma - yellow papules that large amounts of lipids found in the trunk, abdomen, buttocks often include the extensor surfaces of the joints, the skin of the forehead, and xanthelasmas - lipid spots yellow in century

4) the presence of cyanide, or senile, bow - matte or gray smoky-ring located on the edge of the iris, which is the deposition of lipids;

5) symptom worm - motion sclerosed radial artery under the skin in the measurement of the blood pressure.

Symptom Gabrieli and symptom Half have a relative value, and should be read in conjunction with the other manifestations of atherosclerosis. Symptom Gabrieli - is abundant hair on the ears. Symptom Halfa -. Vertical or diagonal fold in the earlobe

The clinical picture of atherosclerosis, as mentioned above, is dependent on the location of the process, namely E. of which hit the vessel and the size of the occlusion and occlusion. that interferes with normal blood flow

With the defeat of cerebral arteries arise TIA or stroke -... stroke

With the localization of the disease process in the arteries of the lower limbs occurs intermittent claudication

With the defeat of the renal arteries may occur sustained increase in blood pressure.

With the defeat of the mesenteric artery arises symptoms of ischemia (reduced blood supply to the intestine), which is manifested by various gastrointestinal disorders.

Treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis

The main area both treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis is the elimination of the risk factors for the disease

The risk factors of atherosclerosis can be divided into different groups :.

1) irreversible:

a) age. Atherosclerosis usually clinically manifest begins in people 45-50 years;

b) a genetic predisposition;

2) reversibility:

a) smoking

b) hypertension - high blood pressure greater than 140 and 90 mm Hg. Art.;

c) obesity.

The elimination of these risk factors can not only significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, but also slows down the further development of existing changes.

Atherosclerosis coronary and carotid arteries in smokers is significantly more than non-smokers. It has been established that people who smoke a pack of cigarettes or more per day 70-80% increased risk of myocardial infarction and 5-7 times -. Coronary heart disease

Hypertension - a disease which significantly increases the rate of progression of atherosclerotic vascular changes. There is currently an extensive list of antihypertensive drugs that help the target (normal for a given topic) maintain blood pressure. In the presence of this disease is a qualified specialist should be consulted to discover the rational (taking into account the contraindications and comorbidity) antihypertensives.

A patient with obesity should strive to normalize body weight. This is not an easy task for the patient and the physician. Reduce body weight to the optimum for a given age and height, you can get a special diet and reasonable exercise selected using

Potentially reversible risk factors include :.

1) hyperlipidemia;

2), hyperglycemia and diabetes.

increased physical activity for the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Older women at menopause is recommended in order to run 3-5 times a week, and heart rate should reach 60-70% of the maximum value for this age group. CHD patients should be dosed physical load, and in any case does not itself contribute to the pain attack. Currently, the way to increase his stretching of the joints and ligaments, which is an excellent tool for osteoporosis and loss of muscle physical activity.

Rational or health food of great importance in the complex treatment of atherosclerosis, such as to normalize the disturbed lipid metabolism.

Drug therapy in atherosclerosis will only eat after the absence of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

25 May, 2016